About Luis

In the early days of my career, I cut my teeth by doing healthcare advertising. Back in those days, when people read newspapers, the long copy was king. Even though I have kept in my portfolio some of those samples, in today's world, the messaging architecture would have been completely different and spread out from quick one-line concepts placed through Social Media advertising to a landing page, to gather prospects information and provide either a brochure or additional points of interaction.


Engage Your Customers

All your marketing communications should engage your prospect customer, identifying their needs, providing solutions and creating a desire for your product.  My objective is not simply to help you sell a product, but to turn your customer into a loyal brand ambassador that will gladly tell others of the awesome benefits that your product provides.

Be Different

At the core of what I believe is that your product, your services will have a much better chance to succeed if it has an identity that separates itself from your competition. Different does not have to mean weird. It means finding what separates you from your competition and gives that extra edge that is uniquely yours.


Branding Is Everything

The tone of branding you use will be defined by understanding what MOVES your customers and makes them WANT to buy your product. Utilize all forms of communication available to facilitate that sales conversion.  You can benefit from a product demonstration in Facebook, or have customers talk about how their needs were met or a problem was solved, take a survey, or even tell your customers how to achieve something they wanted to do.